The Universe of Cloud Computing

The Basics

What is Cloud computing? Email access may be the simplest use of the cloud, but we’ve come a long way since then. The term “Cloud” has been thrown around way to much and there can be so many meanings. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said to a group of Oracle analysts “The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion.” (Velte). That may be true, so lets try and narrow the meaning of the cloud computing. Cloud computing is a metaphor used to explain a vast network that consists of servers and networks that can be accessed by anyone authorized. There are cloud services popping up all over the place. Most apps are firing up a path by using the cloud to create storage and productivity applications like, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Skydrive, Mozy and Cubby. Even games like Candy Crush and Words With…

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