Closing multitasking apps on iPhone for Battery Life 

Closing iOS multitasking apps does not give you longer battery life. 
Turns out background apps are kind of a photo snapshot suspended in time with very little effect on draining battery life. They have little or no impact on battery life.
According to Apple head of mobile user team Craig Federigni, in an email reesponse to the question does closing apps save battery life said, “No and no.” 
Google also confirmed the myth of closing multitasking apps on their OS Android for their phones does not preserve battery life.

Swiping apps away may actually cost you battery life because of the time used to close them. 

The exception is apps like maps and others that use GPS that give directions, and music playing in the background. Apps using operating in the background drain battery life of the operating system. 


The brightness of the screen has an impact on battery life. Turning down the brightness of the device can help sustain battery life. 

Turning off notifications can also help sustain battery life, because each time it comes up it turns on the screen light. 

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